Tacolicious: Festive Recipes for Tacos, Snacks, Cocktails, and More [A Cookbook]

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“The restaurant Tacolicious doesn’t take itself too seriously. I find it irresistible for that. From delightfully non-traditional recipes such as chile con queso to Yucatán salsas with serious street cred, Tacolicious unapologetically combines Californian and Mexican influences. It is probably not ‘classic’ Mexican, but who cares? It’s tasty stuff.”
Jake Godby, co-owner of  Humphry Slocombe

“Tacolicious makes consistently delicious Mexican food and solid cocktails, and now with this book, home cooks can do the same. Things I crave: their deliciously minty salsa, carnitas tacos topped with bright cilantro and white onion, and—true confession—their chile con queso dip. Let’s call it my guilty pleasure.”
Michael Tusk, chef/owner of Quince and Cotogna

“Tacolicious is my favorite after-work snack and tequila stop, and this cookbook lets readers who aren’t lucky enough to live in the community recreate the restaurant experience in their own homes.”
Craig Stoll, chef/owner of Delfina

About the Author

SARA DESERAN is the co-owner of Tacolicious with her husband, Joe Hargrave, and the editor-at-large at San Francisco magazine. A longtime food author and creator of three previous cookbooks, Deseran lives with Hargrave and their kids in San Francisco.

JOE HARGRAVE has been working in Bay Area restaurants since the 1990s, first as the head of operations at Restaurant Lulu, Rose Pistola, Azie, and Frisson; then as the owner of Laïola, which he closed in 2009 to make way for Tacolicious.

ANTELMO FARIA is the executive chef of Tacolicious, and MIKE BARROW is the restaurant’s COO and former beverage director.

Tacolicious has five locations in the San Francisco Bay area. Visit www.tacolicious.com.

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A collection of recipes for fun, accessible taqueria fare–including colorful salsas, tasty snacks, irresistible cocktails, and of course tacos galore–from the wildly popular San Francisco restaurants and acclaimed Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market food stand, Tacolicious. Tacos may be the most universally loved, happy-making food on the planet. In any case, who can say no to a juicy, spicy Chile verde taco; a decadently deep-fried Baja-style fish taco; or a gloriously porky Carnitas taco? At Tacolicious, the San Francisco Bay Area’s hottest Mexican restaurant, tacos are a lifestyle. And now, in this hotly anticipated cookbook, co-owner Sara Deseran shares all the restaurant’s tortilla-wrapped secrets. Whether you’re seeking quick and easy weeknight meals or inspiration for a fabulous fiesta, Tacolicious has you covered. With recipes for showstopping salsas, crave-worthy snacks, cocktails and mocktails, and, of course, tacos galore, this festive collection is chock-full of real Mexican flavor—with a delicious California twist.






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