Taco Bout Love Food Friendly Taco Shaped Purse w/Removable Wrist Strap

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Is that a taco, is it a purse? Nope, It is both. Yu…umm! Taco bout love! This purse takes your love of tacos to a near literal level because It is designed to look identical to a completely loaded, tempting taco with a red glitter heart at the side. See, taco bout love! You’re fashion hungry and you have been craving a handbag that’s perfect with any outfit any time of day, well, this purse is any such delish to carry and roomy enough for just the essentials. Plus, it includes a detachable wrist strap to lend a hand prevent any would be taco thieves from trying to take a bite out of your taco! And in case you are still reading this, you’re obviously a taco lover, but do not be disturbed, it is a food friendly vinyl bag and no tacos were harmed in its making!

8.5 in. Long, 4.5 in. Deep, 1.5 in. Wide
Pebble Grain Vinyl Exterior Designed to Look Like a Fully Loaded Taco with a Red Glitter Heart, Fully Lined Fabric Interior and a Zip Top Closure
It is Roomy Enough and Perfectly Sized for Just the Essentials, and Includes a Detachable Wrist Strap
A Delicious Way to Carry Your Things for Any Fun Day or Night Out
Though it Looks Just Like a Taco, this Purse is Food Friendly! No Tacos Were Harmed in its Making