Host a Virtual Taco Party: HOW TO

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Because 2020 is shaping up to be a difficult and weird year, I’ve been brainstorming ways to keep myself busy, distracted, entertained, and useful. So, rather than spending another Taco Tuesday knee-deep in a puzzle and eating my body weight in tacos alone, I’d like to suggest a taco-themed idea to break up what might be a time of tedium for many…


cinco de mayo taco meme

Taco Party Invitation

Thankfully in the age of ubiquitous technology, we can still engage virtually with family and friends, staying connected in creative taco-themed ways.

So, let’s start with the invite. Whether you use email, Evite, Whatsapp, or a carrier pigeon, just get the word out.

Mock party invitation

One small recommendation, keep the party on the small-ish side. As awesome as a virtual taco party rager sounds, if you’ve been spending any time at all on video group calls, you know it’s “one person talks at a time” or else it descends into chaos.

The Technology

You can use Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or whatever your digital video of choice. Personally, I prefer Zoom. Just make sure to include the time and location (i.e., URL to join the video chat).

Taco Party Decorations

One option: decorate the space behind you where you’ll be on camera with streamers, balloons, taco printables, or make signs (it can be your kids’ arts and craft project if you’ve got those).

Or on Zoom you can change the virtual background image to a taco stand, a happy taco, or a generic party background that you could send to all the invitees; it’ll be like you’re at the same party.

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The Vibe

Create a playlist for the party and play it low in the background so it can still be heard but not prohibit you from chatting with guests. Or use it for the dance party. Because there will be a dance party.

Here are some of the songs on my taco party playlist (and don’t judge all the cultural appropriation). 

  • Puttin’ On the Ritz, Taco (Re-mastered)
  • Mexican Hat Dance, The Fiesta Kings
  • Tequila, The Champs
  • Spice Up Your Life, Spice Girls
  • Raise Your Glass, Pink
  • Smooth, Santana
  • Hot Hot Hot, Buster Poindexter
  • Muy Tranquilo, Gramatik
  • Hips Don’t Lie, Shakira
  • Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffet

And pretty much anything by a group called Metalachi.

The Entertainment

The Internet has become ripe with virtual games and ways to entertain ourselves in the age of shelter-in-place. So, here are a few ideas* for your next virtual taco party.

  1. Charades: Decide on the number of teams, and use a game word generator to come up with ideas. Whoever is providing the idea needs to be able to text the person who is going to act out the word(s) and then they’ll sit out that round.
  2. Online games: There are quite a few online gaming options, like Tabletopia and Pogo, for something new or something classic.
  3. Online trivia night: Use House Party to set up an online trivia night. Or you can do a quick search for “trivia questions”. Or do a game night mashup over at Sporcle and play Trivia Bingo.
  4. Have a watch party: Netflix has a Chrome extension that lets everyone hit play at the same time. The only catch: everyone needs to have a Netflix account. Or if you want to use a streaming service, you can just go old school: everyone hit play at the same time and go on mute to prevent weird echos.
  5. Two truths and a lie: People take turns sharing two things that are true and one that is a lie, and then everyone else attempts to guess the lie. It’s a fun way to learn more about people in your life or an interesting way to tell everyone you’ve been lying all these years about being vegan.
  6. Virtual bingo: Set up a virtual bingo game by using a bingo card generator and an online caller.

    * Side note: I have no connection to or relationship with any of these online game options; they’re just some of the ideas I found on the Internet.


I’m sure you’re already well-stocked in taco necessities. I, for one, keep a taco kit as part of my emergency rations at all times.

If not, next time you order groceries or go to the store, just add “sh!t for tacos” to the list and make whatever you fancy. You can also order tacos from your local favorite if they’re offering delivery or carryout. #supportsmallbusiness

Image of tacos for taco party

And just a quick PSA: only go to the store if you must. As much as I want to say getting stuff for tacos is an emergency, it simply is not, so be smart, be safe.

The Drinks

Whether you want a margarita or a mocktails, here are two recipes for you:

Image by lumpi from Pixabay

Let’s Taco ‘Bout a Party

I think that’s enough to get the party started. Even if you missed Cinco de Mayo, there’s never a bad day to have a virtual taco party. Happy Taco Partying!

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