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Taco Gift Ideas for Him

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What do you buy for the man who has everything? Taco-themed goodness! Because no man has every awesome taco-themed gift known to man (see what I did there?), so buckle and find a gift idea for the taco-lovin’ man in your life, whether it be a husband, boyfriend, brother, first cousin once removed, your dentist, etc…

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Let’s start with Man Crates. The taco mania crate* is the all-inclusive taco starter kit. It’s for the man who can’t be bothered to go to the store and wants everything he needs for a kick ass Taco Tuesday delivered right to his door in a manly crate, which he’ll later whittle into a bunch of mini wooden tacos that he’ll turn into Christmas ornaments. As one does.

*Not an affiliate link; just think Man Crates has a great product.

Taco Tees
Does your man sweat through t-shirts while poppin’ habanero peppers like they’re candy? Update his t-shirt collection with a taco-tastic tee that is bound to make him the coolest kid on the block or at least make his friend Bill jelly (because everyone has at least one friend named Bill).

Taco Baseball Cap
For the ball cap wearing, taco-loving sexy beast in your life, there are some excellent taco hats. If he’s particularly good-humored, you could even go so far as to get him the tacocat hat.

Taco Bumper Sticker
Add a touch of taco sticker class to your guy’s ride, whether it’s a truck, motorcycle, or Honda Civic. So the next time he’s cutting someone off or drives so slow he gets pulled over for impeding the flow of traffic, everyone one he annoys will know there’s something that matters more to him than being a courteous driver…tacos.

A Spicy Selection of Hot Sauces
If he’s always in pursuit of the perfect hot sauce or simply likes variety, give him a selection of hot sauces from. Variety is the spice of life. Or so they say.

A Taco Neck Tie
Is your man fancy? Then, he’ll love this taco neck tie. He can throw it on with a blazer for a business meeting or loosen it a bit and show up for happy hour at a cantina. Just kidding, you don’t have to wear neck ties at a cantina, but maybe he’ll get a free margarita if he shows up on a Taco Tuesday with a taco tie.

Taco Travel Mug
A taco travel mug is perfect for road trips or all day taco crawls. In either case, he may need the coffee (or tequila) to keep his energy up. Just kidding, don’t drink tequila on road trips. Drinking and driving isn’t cool. Know where they DON’T have taco mugs…prison.

Taco Grilling Rack
Maybe it’s a stereotype to assume all men want to grill and love grill accessories. It’s probably not true. But for the man who does love to grill and is always looking for more ways to use said grill, now he can make tacos on it with a taco grilling rack.

Tortilla Warmer
Even if he’s not super into cooking, he’ll probably still be into keeping his tortillas warm (because who isn’t?). Or if you’re doing the cooking at his place and YOU want to keep the tortillas warm. Buy him a gift that’s for the both of you.

Taco Beer Mug
How many male stereotypes can I work into this post you ask? Let’s find out…now your burly grill-loving, wood whittling, craft beer guzzling lumber jack sexual of a man can add this taco beer glass to his ever growing collection of beer steins that line the wall of his man cave. So. Many. Stereotypes. 

So many taco products…

With so many great taco-themed and unique gift ideas, it was certainly tough to narrow it down. If you’re looking for more ideas, there’s Google, but I think this list is a good place to start.

Anything I missed? Hit me up heytaco[at]dollarsfortacos.com. I’m always looking for fun, hilarious, or WTF taco inspired products and memes.

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