Back to School List – Taco Style

back to school with school bus

It’s back to school time. And that means (depending on who you are) this might be the best or worst time of year. No matter your feelings, we can all agree that adding some taco-style to the back to school supplies is the best way to celebrate (or mourn) the return of school days.

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We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite taco school supplies for all the taco lovin’ students out there. Also threw in a few ideas for specifically for teachers lookin’ to spice up their classrooms.

In a hurry? Here’s the “back to school in taco-style” quick list.

Tacocat tote > 
Taco pen >
Taco pencil >
Taco composition notebook >
Taco stickers for water bottles, notebooks, laptop, etc. >
Tortilla pencils/pens holder >
Taco lunch box >
Taco Tuesday binder > 
Laptop cover >

Back to school list of taco swag

Let’s skip the generic school supplies this year and go with some taco-infused personality. We’ve curated a few of our favorite taco products. From notebooks and writing utensils to totes, lunchboxes, and laptop sleeves, we’ve got those and more for the taco enthusiast.

Taco Cat Tote Bag

Carry all those taco-themed school supplies in a handy tacocat totebuy on


Write out your taco poetry and/or taco recipesbuy on

Taco TWOSday 2nd Birthday Party Fiesta Food Favor Pencil

For when you're not ready to write the taco poetry in penbuy on
Where you can write your hopes, dreams, and taco poems

It's Taco Tuesday Cheesy Waves Notebook

Your backup notebook for all those non-taco topics you may be required to take notes onbuy on
Decorate water bottles, laptops, notebooks, a friend's face
Not a taco, but in the tortilla family, and like a taco, it keeps stuff together

Cute Kawaii Taco Pattern | Monogram Metal Lunch Box

Now, you'll always have an emergency taco buy on

Funny Tacos are Not Just for Tuesdays 3 Ring Binder

Don't let your school assignments fall apart like a crunchy tacobuy on

Yummy Taco Pattern Laptop Sleeve

Leave no doubt regarding your commitment to taco swagbuy on

Didn’t see something you like? Not to worry, there’s a whole world of taco swag out there. Check out our Pinterest for more back to school ideas.

Tacos for the classroom

Are you a teacher looking for some back to school taco inspiration for your classroom? Start the semester off right with a few ideas to make your students’ school year fun and taco-tastic!

Coloring sheets – Tacos >

“Taco ’bout me” activity >

Taco stickers for papers, notes, or just because >

Taco bingo! >

Taco Bout Great work teacher stamp

Taco ’bout great work stamp >

Frequently asked questions

Q. Will the taco stuff make my student more popular?
Yes. Approximately 17% more popular.*

Q. Will my student clean their room if I buy them some taco school supplies?
Yes, 4 out of 5 psychologists agree that the amount of taco swag you buy them directly correlates to their level of obedience. **

Q. Do the taco pencils taste like tacos? Asking for a friend.
We don’t know. We don’t make a habit of eating pencils. And neither should you.

In conclusion

Getting ready for a new school year doesn’t have to be a drag. Arming your student (or a teacher friend) with some taco-themed supplies will start the year off on the right foot and a taco in hand.

Not quite ready for summer to be over?
Have have an end of summer taco party complete with a floating taco bar. Party responsibly, because, you know – pandemic.

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10 taco-themed school supplies ideas for back to school

* We made that up (shocker). We can’t guarantee popularity increases in proportion to the taco swag owned, but we can dream.
** Taco swag is powerful, but we all know cold hard cash is a more powerful motivator.

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